It is like there has never been a problem
It's like there has never been a problem.
Sometimes the days just flow along. And then I ask myself what's the meaning of the word "time"? What's in a few years or the next second? I do not care for wrinkles, menopause and joint pain. No. Is time a supersonic vehicle, and you sit right in the middle? What if the train stops? What would have happened ...
Waitress Day

And now I'm a waitress. Summer job. I polish crockery. Sorting. Sorting. I'm counting spoons, knives, and forks. I wipe the floor. I serve and clear off. Would you like another drink? May I help you? Did you enjoy your meal? Who ordered the Coretto and who wanted the espresso? To work behind the counter in the restaurant, is a lot of fun: but in the hallway between the hall and kitchen, I do not want to work again. But one does what one can (and should).
25.7.10 13:22

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