It is like there has never been a problem
It's like there has never been a problem.
Sometimes the days just flow along. And then I ask myself what's the meaning of the word "time"? What's in a few years or the next second? I do not care for wrinkles, menopause and joint pain. No. Is time a supersonic vehicle, and you sit right in the middle? What if the train stops? What would have happened ...
Primeval Excitement

Oh, I love "Primeval". The characters, the story. Everything's just wonderful. This world of fantasy and science fiction, I love it. Of course, it has not so much to do with imagination. After all, all this is somehow possible. It might actually give such anomalies. I find it brilliant that the producers uses these windows of time to explain the existence of myths and legends about the Loch Ness and werewolves and so on. Ingenious. Simply fantastic. This is my world. Although sometimes it's really creepy. With all the blood and the corpses and so on. I hate these critters from the future. These bats. Well, I now dedicate my "Primeval" orgy.
25.7.10 15:13

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