It is like there has never been a problem
It's like there has never been a problem.
Sometimes the days just flow along. And then I ask myself what's the meaning of the word "time"? What's in a few years or the next second? I do not care for wrinkles, menopause and joint pain. No. Is time a supersonic vehicle, and you sit right in the middle? What if the train stops? What would have happened ...
Sleepless Night

Wow. I can not sleep. As bad as today (or yesterday?) it was never before. The whole time pictures and thoughts fly through my head. I can not stop it. It just happens. Names, places, pictures of people. All without context. Well, and now I'm sitting in front of the laptop of my brother. And under me, my mother and brother are sleeping. Only one loud and I could get great worse. Yesterday was a beautiful day. I was up to 22 o´clock at my best friend and we have perused a love-diary.Iit was a girl-night, absolutely. And it was an awful lot of fun. We laughed until tears came to us. When I looked at the clock it was already late. Screech. I went alone through the dark dark night and was really happy. Grin.
27.7.10 02:55

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