It is like there has never been a problem
It's like there has never been a problem.
Sometimes the days just flow along. And then I ask myself what's the meaning of the word "time"? What's in a few years or the next second? I do not care for wrinkles, menopause and joint pain. No. Is time a supersonic vehicle, and you sit right in the middle? What if the train stops? What would have happened ...
Harsh Reality

Today I will work again. I have new shoes. So my boss will be satisfied. We have guests at the moment. In this respect, everything could be good. But it is not. Yesterday I had abandoned my biggest dream. I did it because I had had no hope anymore. I had felt the despair. And now, everything seems so senseless. I always wanted to go to America. I wanted to visit the High School. That was my wish. And somehow I just ignored that we simply have no money. Since there is no pile of money, with which my parents can finance a year abroad. I wanted to try it with scholarships. But after a defeat at once my parents gave up all hope. Also, I was emotional on the floor. It was so unfair. And this year I wanted to try it again. But I just do not get support from my parents. And without their assistance I can not do it. This goes against my principles. I want them to stand behind me. And so I gave up my dream. But this time I'll plan better. What do I do after graduation? What do I want to study? Work & Travel or au pair. I will see.
31.7.10 10:57

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